Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life, love, dreams, and happiness!!

You need not be a genius to guess what this blog is about!  It is about you, me, and everyone of us who is living their lives, some satisfied, some not so satisfied, and some highly unsatisfied; some very happy, some very unhappy; some content, some disgruntled - but nonetheless we all are either living, surviving, or worse, simply dragging on with what we call life.  My blog is a very humble attempt to define, discuss, muse, and contemplate about life, its various twists and turns, love, happiness, dreams and aspirations, self-realization, living our dreams,  achieving our goals, and much more.  Many of us simply drag on with such a precious commodity called life, not realizing that God has created us as humans - the most advanced beings on this planet for some purpose - each one of us has a purpose on Earth which we are to serve during our life - but many of us forget this fact comfortably, get into the blame game with luck or God or whatever comfortable target they get for their frustrations - many of which are created by them themselves.  I am not a Zen master or spiritual guru but I have tried to live my life to the fullest and make the maximum possible out of it that I can and I consider myself a student in this big school called LIFE.  My blog is simply an attempt at looking at life and its various aspects from different view points so that we can find out some new meaning to it.  Hope my readers like it and it is helpful to them in some respect.

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